Where do you feel stuck? What is troubling you?

Therapy can be short term and help you get through a tough situation such as a job change or break-up. Or it can be longer term and help you make deep changes in your mood, self-esteem, and relationships. Therapy to me always includes elements of self-discovery, self-validation, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.

What can therapy help you achieve?

  • Manage depression and anxiety so they aren’t managing you.
  • Cope and thrive with a medical condition or disability.
  • Use rumination and worry as teachers – opportunities for self-understanding and growth.
  • Build a mindfulness practice and use it as a tool for calm and relaxation as well as building self-acceptance and self-compassion.
  • Validate your own thoughts and feelings and feel a natural self-confidence.
  • Get your needs and wants met in your relationships.
  • Be assertive, communicate your feelings, and set healthy boundaries.
  • Identify your relationship patterns. Recognize when you need to work on a relationship and when you need to end it. Build intimacy and connection with your partner.

To get started, just give me a call or fill out the contact form and press Send.