Therapy for focus and performance

Do you struggle with focusing at work, at school, or at home? Do you feel like you’re underachieving or unproductive and don’t understand why? Do you beat yourself up for not being more focused and successful? Do you wish you could be more productive?

It isn’t just you

Many people struggle with attention, motivation, and productivity but it is hard to get perspective. I have extensive experience working with people who have been diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, and other disabilities, as well as with undiagnosed people who question their abilities.

Leveraging my background in neuropsychology, I can often identify issues and challenges that might have been causing you difficulty for years. Working together, we can chart a path forward.

Does this sound like you?

My challenges with focus and attention are damaging my:

  • work performance or career advancement
  • relationship with my partner
  • academic success 

It can be difficult to pin down challenges in focusing. I am skilled in parsing your experiences and developing a treatment plan that meets your needs.

Custom, evidence-based treatment

Through therapy, we will clarify the biological, cognitive, emotional, and environmental factors that impact your attention and work performance. This will give you a more nuanced and self-compassionate view of your challenges and help tailor the approach we take to getting you unstuck and maximizing your potential.
There are many ways to improve one’s attention and work performance and we will look at all the options including:

  • attention and organizational strategies
  • changes to your mindset
  • ways to build passion and motivation
  • goal setting
  • exercise
  • medical and alternative medicine interventions

We will work to develop practical skills that you can apply in your professional and personal life. I can work with your physician if medication is called for, help you troubleshoot medication, and refer you for testing if needed.

Get started

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