Men’s Transformational Coaching Group

I’m excited to tell you about my new Men’s Transformational Coaching Group starting very soon! This 5-week group will be rooted in the work of Dr. Robert Glover, the author of No More Mr. Nice Guy.
In this men’s group, you will:
  • Forge strong connections and close bonds with other men.
  • Learn to meet many of your emotional needs through friendships with other men.
  • Enrich your romantic relationship with energy and amazing chemistry.
  • Embrace your masculinity and sexuality.
  • Learn to lead in your romantic relationship, family, friendships, and workplace.
  • Restore and replenish your energy.
  • Work with other men on your big goals.

There is tremendous power in a group format. The men in the group are all there to improve themselves and their relationships. Each person in the group has unique things to offer and teach the other group members.  You will have the opportunity to create lasting friendships and an ongoing men’s group.  

There is a one-time upfront fee of 400.00 to participate in the group.  

This group will be capped at 8 members, so I expect it to fill up very quickly!

There will be 2 separate groups, both starting the same week.  One group will meet on Tuesday nights and the other group will meet on Wednesday nights.  Choose the night that works best for you.  We will meet via zoom.  

  • Tuesday Night Group: April 4, 11, 18, 25; May 2  (6pm-8pm CST)
  • Wednesday Night Group: April 5, 12, 19, 26; May 3  (5:30pm-7:30pm CST)

Members make a commitment to attend all 5 dates, participate in a private facebook group, and complete weekly homework.

Alex Moore from Forged by Fire Coaching will be co-leading the Tuesday group with me.

If you have questions about the group, get in touch by phone (708-828-0970) or email.  

If it’s a hell yes to join the group, email me at!