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Does your wife or partner put you down? Twist things around? Dismiss what you do for her? Withhold love and sex? That was my marriage until I found my INNER KING. You NEED a retreat at a kick-ass house by Lake Michigan where you can get the support and challenge of other men. Get the RESPECT, LOVE, and SEX you want in your relationship!

If you are a man who feels discouraged or unsure how to change the status quo in your relationship, this retreat will give you the tools and support to get unstuck. Men’s retreats are a unique opportunity for men to come together in person to connect, heal, recharge, and grow together


On this men’s retreat you will:

  • Increase your confidence and trust in yourself
  • Be empowered to lead in your life and your relationship
  • Practice giving and receiving support and challenge to other men
  • Learn grounding practices to shift your focus, mood, and way of relating to your partner
  • Embrace your masculinity
  • Connect with your creativity and playfulness
  • Relax and recharge in nature


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