Therapy for confidence and self esteem

Do you lack confidence at work, socially, or with family members? Are you confused about who you are and what you stand for?

Do you have trouble seeing your strengths and the good in you? Do you let other people such as family, friends, or partners dictate your value?

Can you see how valuable you are?

We are living in a time where people feel pressure to project confidence to others and to show our success on social media. It is so easy to fall into comparing ourselves with other people. This is a trap that usually leads one to feel they have low value.

Therapy can help you transform how you see yourself

In therapy, we will look at how you value yourself. This will include looking at how you think about your past experiences, including what you view as failures and successes.

One of the most transformative experiences you can have in therapy is learning to turn disappointments, losses, and “failures” into learning experiences. In fact, these negative and often painful experiences can be the catalysts for tremendous growth and ultimately become part of your greatest successes.

Learn to trust yourself

In addition to becoming kinder to yourself, I will help you learn to trust yourself. This means validating your own thoughts and feelings. This does not mean ignoring or invalidating other people’s opinions. It means valuing your own experience. Trusting yourself will help you set healthy boundaries with others, communicate your feelings, and get your needs and wants met in relationships.

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